Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hart in Langauge Star classes. Video practicing Chinese

(Post by Frank)

Hart (now 26 months) has been taking both Chinese and French at Language Stars  foreign language classes in Northern Virginia.

He has gone to maybe 7 classes in Chinese. He will frequently ask me to read the Chinese book. Also he picked up some words from some swim class friends that speak mainly Chinese. Nothing beats putting language in context.

I love that he can not only converse with kids that speak another language, but that he understands the concept of different languages.

I actually speak to him exclusively in Spanish at home. It isn't easy since I didn't grow up speaking much Spanish, even though my parents were both Cuban (long story).
And I ask that he respond in Spanish, because I have this fear that he will be one of those "well he understands it perfectly, but can't speak it well" kids, like I was.
So this video is a typical practice session we might do before going to bed. Minus the running around. We practice with me talking only in Spanish, asking him for the words in Chinese.

Don't be fooled, he acts differently when he knows he is on camera. Shy at times, more likely to freeze up, or run away. Trust me, Language Stars is much better at keeping him focused on the task versus daddy with a camera in his face.

Written by Frank

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  1. Bien hecho, Hartly! Muy impresionante.


    Daniel y Sue