Monday, March 11, 2013


Before I even begin, If you read only one paragraph of this blog, read this one. We strongly believe that children understand far more than we give them credit for.  All too often I hear very grown up conversations in the presence of tiny ears.  I know with Hartly, whether he appears to be paying attention or not, he hears everything.  Oftentimes days after a conversation with another adult he will inquire about something that was said.  So... Please do not ask any of these questions in front of Tayo or Hartly.  There is nothing wrong with the word adoption.  It is not a bad word or a secret. I just do not need it to be the first word Tayo learns.  I do not need my 3 year old to overhear things that are inappropriate for him to hear.  Hartly knows Tayo grew in somebody else's body. Tayo will know he is adopted.  We just don't need grown up conversations going on in front of them. And, while Tayo was adopted, I do not want that to solely define him.

If you are a perspective Adoptive parent, there is no question that is off limits.  I only ask that none be asked in front of the boys.  I am happy to answer detail-oriented questions as well as emotional questions.  I'd love to help in any way I can.

Also understand please that I am a Mommy above all else.  I am extremely passionate about my children and family is number one.  I may come off as sounding harsh in this blog but it is more my passion and my protective nature that is oozing out.  I hope I am not too off-putting. I am just trying to be honest with no sugar coating.  So, let's begin... :)

I want people to FIRST comment on Tayo's smile or notice how it's incredible that when he hears Hartly's voice, even at 2 months, he starts looking for his big brother.  I want people to comment on  my baby carrier or ask if he is a good eater.  I want people to comment on how amazing his head control is (little man is wicked strong - at 9 weeks old he is already rolling over!) I want people to know, automatically, with the first glance that we are, absolutely and completely, a family.  But...

Obviously when you look at our family these days, we do look a little different than most families.

March 2013 (Hartly 2 1/2 years old Tayo 2 months)

I believe that 99.9%