Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sleep while Traveling with Children

Traveling with children:

Our children, are currently 4 years old and 18 months old.  Hartly has been to about 20 different places and Tayo maybe about 8 different places.  My children, and we, are no strangers to travel.  We are often asked what we do when we travel with them and the most frequent asked question is how we get them to sleep when we travel. All children and families are different. These are just a few things that we have found that help immensely with our children (and us) to get our sleep while sleeping away from home. 

- Expectations
- Routine
- Nap(s) 
- Food
- Activity
- Baby Wearing
- GoCrib 
- Baby Monitor
- Bathroom/Closet/Dark
- Static

This one is huge.  When Frank and I got married everyone told us, 'say goodbye to sleeping', 'say goodbye to traveling' among other things.  We smiled because we knew that you can have children AND sleep.  You can have children AND travel.  Will it be the same? No.  Can you do it? Absolutely. 

Sleep when traveling will be different than at home.